Why Men Love Dating Older Women

Women dating younger guys are becoming more socially acceptable these days. In fact, women marrying younger men have almost doubled in the past 25 years. Although, the technology statistics from dating apps and websites revealed that men prefer to date women who are in their 20s, there are some who are attracted to older women. After all, there are so many reasons why men want to date mature women.

So why do men love dating older women and why they’re looking to the older women to have relationships with?

  1. They more interesting.

Older women tend to be more interesting and their company might be more stimulating to you. They had more life experience and they’ve developed a richer perspective on life. So, it’s only natural that they will have more interesting opinions and comebacks to what you have to say.

  1. They are open-minded.

Women who had a lot of difficult experiences in life and who have experienced a lot of disappointments from guys, they’re not nearly uptight as some of the younger girls. In fact, many of them are extremely open-minded. They can handle any joke, they can appreciate sarcasm and cynicism and they can dish their own. So, talking to older women would be much more fun because you will feel free to express yourself and you know that they don’t get offended nearly as easily as the younger girls who haven’t had all these experiences.

  1. No pressure at all.

If you’re a man who doesn’t yet know exactly what you want when it comes to dating and relationships and if you’re not looking to settle, then dating an older woman might also be a good idea for you. Because, that woman who was divorced and who has children is not going to apply the same kind of pressure on you to settle down as a younger girl. The older women have already had all that and settling down as soon as possible might be the last thing that she’s looking for. Thus, you will have time to figure out what you want from each other without experiencing that pressure that many guys don’t like.

  1. They are less sexually inhibited.

In other words, in the bedroom, they’re a little bit more free-spirited, free-willed, they know what they want and they are more sexually experienced. When you compare the maturity level in bed, a 45 year old vs. a 25 year old, the difference is huge.

  1. They are already established.

They bring stuff to the table financially. They’re not dependent on the young guy that they’re dating. This is not to say that the young guy is looking for the older woman to buy him everything, but it is to say that older is more likely to pick up the tab because she’s already more established.